Granny’s House (Witch’s Cottage) Battle Map – Launch

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You aren’t really sure how you got here. Your mind rebels whenever you try to remember the walk up to this picturesque little cottage. The smell of wild flowers and pine forest mix on the warm breeze in a strange contrast of delicate floral notes and earthy dampness. A bright white picket fence pokes out of a colourful bed of flowers at the front of the property. A short gravel path leads to the door of a small single story cottage, perfect in every detail. You catch another sent on the breeze, the smell of pies being baked. You realise you haven’t eaten all morning. Maybe the owner wouldn’t mind a few friendly dinner guests? What could be the harm in having a quick bite? …roll a Wisdom save.

  • 30×30 grid


  • Witch’s Cottage, Day, Evil (Base)
  • Witch’s Cottage, Day, Good
  • Witch’s Cottage, Night, Evil
  • Witch’s Cottage, Night, Good

Notes and Tips

  • The front garden is completely perfect in every way, however the rear, which can’t be seen from the road is overgrown and full of weeds.
  • Illusions can be used to find the true nature of the cottage.
  • The back of the garden leads directly into a dark pine forest, with all the possibilities that holds. 
  • Things could enter the garden at night and prowl around the house.
  • If you go with a witch, maybe they head into the forest at night to go do witchy things, jump over fires, make weird little corn figures, that kind of thing.
  • The front of the property could be situated on the edge of a village or far from civilisation on some lonely moor.
  • This could be used as a player home, there is a ‘good’ variant of the map without the chains and cauldron.
  • The shed to the right is a place that could hold captives. If you are running Hags, I’d suggest they have some kind of permanent ‘silence’ spell cast in or directly around the shed.
  • The fairy ring (mushroom ring) could be used to teleport mobs onto the map, or even teleport the players away.
  • The Witch that lives here could be having trouble with the ‘wee folk’. Which leads to a confrontation between the players and a bunch of Will-o’-the-Wisps, Fairies and the like.
  • The Witch could have any number of wild fey beasts locked up in her shed. They make horrible blood curdling noises at night, howls, screeches, that kind of thing. The local village mayor has hired the party to investigate. I like to think she takes them for ‘walkies’ in the forest behind the cottage.

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