Half Pint Tavern Battle Map – Launch

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  • 30x30 grid map

Lets be fair, taverns are a main stay of starting adventures, and a good place for adventurers to stop for the night and take the weight off their tired feet. As much as its fun to have a bar brawl, there are lots of scenarios that can play out in and around a tavern.


This is the Half Pint Tavern, a small roadside tavern nestled amongst wooded hills. Its an old stone and thatched halfling owned establishment with a horse paddock to the side. The cosy interior is always warm in winter and cool in the summer. The beer is rich and floral, the pies renowned throughout the region.

Notes and Tips

  • The horses are spooked by things moving through the trees. Pick something fun to jump out of the forest when the Inn Keeper asks the players to check it out.
  • The Barmaid runs into the bar screaming about something in the cellar. As the players ask for information the floorboards explode upwards, a huge Bulette appears… they do love halfling flesh after all. Seriously this could make for a great Tremors style adventure.
  • The Tavern has been plagued by undead wandering down from the Barrows on the hills to the north. Once night sets in the party is tasked with patrolling the perimeter.
  • A dishevelled halfling woman runs up to you on the road. Her Tavern has been taken over by bandits and if you want a nice pint of ale and a warm bed its up to you to liberate the beer!
  •  Classic bar brawl! Pick fun patrons to go at it! 

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