Rocks Fall Battle Map – Launch

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  • 30×30 grid map


  • Forest Entrance, Smugglers Den (Base) 
  • Forest Entrance, Crypt
  • Sewer Entrance, Smugglers Den
  • Sewer Entrance, Crypt

Notes and tips

  • The Wishing Well/Sink Hole Entrance:  The players enter a Well/Sink Hole and lower themselves by rope or other means and start in the pool cave.
  • The Underground River Entrance: The party travel along an underground river and enter the dungeon by climbing down the waterfalls.
  • The Cave/Sewer Entrance: The easy way!
  • The pool could have a hole in the bottom, lots of things could pop out to say hello to the party.
  • Rocks can fall at any time, especially if the party start throwing around loud spells. Have a few rocks fall from the roof to spice up any combat encounter. Make it clear to the party the walls are unstable before you bury them!
  • Necromancers are always looking for nice quiet places to raise the dead, this place is prime real estate!
  • Undead could start climbing out of the well at night.
  • Maybe the smugglers are all dead, eaten by some nasty creature, or maybe they have become undead themselves!
  • The room to the right can be accessed by crawling up the rock slide from the main crypt corridor. However its quite a tight fit… and maybe there are Zombies buried there, which should be fun for whomever is trying to squeeze through.
  • The other entrance to the room on the right is a steep 10 foot climb, crumbling dirt and rocks make it quite a hard task to climb, and also noisy.

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