Ruined Abbey Battle Map – Launch

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On a crumbling cliffs edge, overlooking a storm tossed sea, sits the ruined carcass of a once famous abbey. Famous for a tree that, to this day, continues to grow at the centre of its now deserted cloister. People from across the known world would make pilgrimages to pray below the tree’s golden crown. The tree’s origins have long since passed into folk lore and myth, the ‘truth’ replaced with hearsay and rumour. The abbey now lays abandoned, for reasons unclear, rarely visited, forgotten by all but the most desperate. Some still seek out the tree, the odd pilgrim still passes through the nearby village… but none return. The place is cursed they say, evil resides there now. But still the tree remains, its allure forever strong, waiting for the next pilgrim to make their way up the treacherous path to that lonely abbey at the cliffs edge.

  • 30×30 grid map 

Tips and Notes:

  1. 1The centre square is called a Cloister, its a covered walkway with a garden square in the middle.
  2. The Refectory is were the monks would eat and do other day to day tasks.
  3. The  Dormitory is where the monks would sleep. Small personal items can be found in the ruined furniture.
  4. The Kitchens have a large open fireplace with a chimney, I’m sure nothing is living up there.
  5. The Abbot’s hall is where the Abbot would organise the business of the abbey, if their are any papers left telling of the last days of the abbey its going to be here.
  6. The Chapel is where the devoted would come for services. There are three stone coffins at the front. Maybe one has a secret passage leading to the Undercroft, the crypt below the abbey. Or maybe the entrance to the crypt could be under the Alter.

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