The Gatehouse Battle Map – Launch

This weeks map is another in my urban series. This time we visit one of the entrances to our fair city and say hello to the hardworking men and women of the city watch! Come night and day these stalwart guardians of law and order can be seen patrolling the streets, standing guard along the turreted walls and checking those that are entering or leaving the city aren’t “up to no good”. Your party isn’t up to no good I hope? Of cause they are! Which I’m sure means they’ll try their very best to avoid a talking to by the local fuzz.

Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30x30 grid map

Notes and Tips

  • Our friendly gate guards are here to help!… and inform your party they need to pay an ‘entrance fee’, which goes towards the city guards retirement fund/petty cash.
  • Have a group of monsters try to scale the walls, with the party running up and down the walls trying their best to stop them.
  • Your party is hired as deputy city guards and end up doing a little guard duty at the gatehouse. It’s amazing how many of the citizenry are up to no good! Give the party a little power and watch it go to their heads!
  • Someone’s been assassinating city guards, have your party go undercover as lowly gate guards and lure out the murderers with their nicely exposed backs.

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