The Hay Maker Battle Map – Launch

Free version – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30×30 grid map


Its reached by way of a secret entrance in a cellar. The main hall is dark, smokey and full of noise. Around the walls are hay bales, stacked up to make rudimentary seating. In the centre of the hall is a fighting ring surrounded by a crowd of people that seem mostly drunk, are extremely loud and certainly seem inclined to violence.

Two corridors, to the left and right, lead to locker rooms and a few private gambling rooms. 

The upper walkway is reserved for members and those willing to pay to escape the crowded hay covered ground floor.

There are a few dangerous looking bouncers watching the hall from the walkway, once in a while a bookie will beckon one of them over and hand them a bag of gold, to be delivered to the counting room on the upper floor.


  • Boxing Ring (Base map)
  • Empty (for when its closed and your party wants to steal stuff)
  • Cage Fight (because metal and spikes always add to the awesome)

Notes and Tips

  • Note the counting room and its safe, lots of gold to be had there.
  • The entrance has a cloak room and a guard that asks for any weapons the players may have on them, or not, DMs choice. Maybe members get to keep their weapons, or bribery is always an option.
  • The cage could drop out of the roof only once the party has signed an official fighting contract (small print, am I right?). Also, spike, use them!

I’m really happy with this weeks map and its variants, hope you get some use from them! I want to hear all about your cage matches and epic 12 round slug-fests!

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