Winter Racing Battle Map – Launch

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Winter has descended on the city, the temperature has plummeted, freezing drains, water buckets, and ponds. Even the great river has frozen, its journey to the sea temporarily halted. Frost and ice cover the streets making them treacherous, while above, the clouds, grey and looming, promise snow. At this time of year the people of the city take to the frozen river and celebrate the turning of the seasons with a spectacle of skill, courage and strength, the Winter Race is here once again!

  • 30×30 grid map

Map Variants

  • Frozen River
  • Frozen River, Ice Skating Track
  • Frozen River, Ice Skating Track, Snow
  • No ice

Notes and Tips

  • I have supplied three Ice hole assets, 1×1, 2×2 and 3×3. These are PNGs and can be used in Virtual table tops as they are. They are in the VTT zip file.
  • The spectators could be positioned on the Bridge or on the River, or both.
  • The Ice is treacherous and is classed as difficult terrain unless the players have some type of crampons, which should be able to be bought from a local shop or stall. You could even have it as a requirement to spectate from the ice.
  • The race could be an endurance race or a sprint. Rules could be very strict or anything goes, time to play dirty!
  • Are the players here to take part or just spectate? Or maybe they are hired as private security.
  • The race could be a relay with each member of the party taking a turn.
  • There should be pickpockets in operation. The town guard could be in hot (cold?) pursuit across the ice.
  • A great sea beast from the far north has swam up the river and bursts through the ice during the race. Dark shapes could be seen moving under the ice before it breaks through.

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