Moon Cove Battle Map – Launch

Our last map for March is a wild and rugged coastal theme with a classic cove and sandy beach, backed by a windswept cliff. Its inspired by some of the places I’ve visited along the south coast of England. Hopefully this will work for adventures along the Sword Coast and more exotic regions as well.

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The old druid told you to be there for sunset, and to ‘beware the cliffs’, but more than that she would not say. You stand on a lonely sandy beach, nestled in a crescent shaped cove, sheltered from the worst of the weather by high rocky cliffs. Looking far out to sea, you watch as a pale full moon crests the horizon, a ghostly silver coin in the evenings fading light.

You begin to hear muffled chirping, and then below your feet the sand begins to churn. You jump back just as a stubby beak and scaly head emerges from the sand. Its large eyes blink open and as you watch a large turtle, maybe five feet across drags itself from the sands. Looking into the hole it crawled from, you see broken egg shells, and below more eggs, some of which are already showing signs of hatching.

The newly hatched turtle begins to pull itself towards the water. Its at this point you here a another sound, a series of clicks like claws on stone. Looking up you scan the cliffs and step back in shock as you see a number of huge creatures perched around the cliffs edge, their predatory eyes shining coldly. With a singular movement they unfurl huge dark wings and drop from the cliffs towards you and the defenceless newborns.

Notes and Tips

  • The water could be quite shallow in the cove, allowing for a larger combat area.
  • Sharks and other sea creatures could attack in the shallows.
  • There is a route down to the beach on the right, but players can climb the cliffs if necessary with an Athletics check.
  • Utilise the clifftops and the difference in elevation to allow for more tactical play.
  • This could be just off a coastal road.
  • Island turtle nesting grounds! This is a nesting ground for huge island turtles. They hatch at sunset and have to make a run for the open ocean before being picked off by predators which could be Wyrms, Manticores or Giant Vultures. In the sea you could have Giant Crocodiles or maybe a shark or two.
  • You have been tasked to catch some smugglers by a local town.
  • Someone has been luring ships onto the reef with a light on the cliffs at night. Investigate!
  • A raiding band of orcs has landed in the cove hoping to avoid the attention of the nearby village. However they have been spied by the locals and you have been sent to defend against them.
  • A ship has wrecked just off the shore leaving flotsam and sailors washed up along the beach. Scavengers have arrived to pick at the dead. Drive them off!
  • Merfolk or other water based humanoids could have been raiding and sinking ships off the coast.
  • Buried treasure! Pirates! A fight for the booty!

And I think that’s about it for this release! Have a great week and happy adventuring!


Deserted cove, Day/Night

Ship Wreck

Ghostly Wreck!

Smugglers at night

Updated! Ship versions!