Grassland Pack 01 – Launch

Well met adventurers! As promised I’ve been hard at work getting the Wilderness Pack ready. The pack contains three general use maps themed for travel encounters which take place in grassland and lightly wooded terrain. Each map has a number of variants which should help you fit them into your campaigns. All three have Day/Night variants, Tree/Treeless variants and two have Wilderness/Road variants. Take a look below for examples. You also get a few Camp assets to drop into your VTT if you need them. This is a free Patron exclusive pack.

Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon

Cliffs – Variants: Day/Night, Trees/Treeless, Wilderness/Road

Hills – Variants: Day/Night, Trees/Treeless, Wilderness/Road 

Stream – Variants: Day/Night, Trees/Treeless