The Mineral Pools – Launch

This week’s map is a group of mineral pools in a desert/rocky canyon. It’s another one from our slowly shrinking list of Patron suggestions! This could be used as a travel encounter map with some fun environmental elements or as a destination in itself.

That’s about it for this launch, as always, it’s wonderful to have you aboard, thanks so much for the support!

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Reaching the base of the rocky cliffs you are nearly overcome by sweltering heat and sulphurous vapours. The canyon is filled with strange formations built up over many years by springs of mineral rich waters. Boiling turquoise pools fill the canyon with drifting clouds of mist.

In the middle of these pools you catch a glimpse of bleached white bone, first one piece, then another, shattered and crumbling across the rocks and jutting from the steaming waters. If the legends are true this really could be the final resting place of the beast. Its bones, you have been told, are the key to finding its horde and riches beyond your wildest imagination.

The mystic standing at the edge of the clifftop points towards the middle of the canyon, indicating a bone from the beasts chest, closest to its heart, would be most advantageous for the ritual. You slowly make your way through the rocky pillars careful not to put a foot into the boiling water. As you reach the middle of the canyon you see a promising group of bones, a ribcage splintered but still recognisable. Reaching down to pick one up you hear a low hissing sound, a menacing anger infused within its tones.

“Who dares disturb the slumber of my mate? Someone that grows weary of life it seems.”

You try to come up with a witty one liner but your mind is muddy and slow, stricken by dragon fear. You look up into huge lantern eyes and a maw filled with dagger like teeth. You wish you’d heeded the advice of your mother to stay at home and look after the turnips. Turnips don’t seem quite so bad any more.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 Battle Map.
  • This could be the resting place of some ancient dragon or beast. It is rumoured that one of its rib bones can be used in a ritual to find its horde, or some hidden treasure.
  • The cliffs at the edge of the map could be fairly shallow or be big enough to create a serious obstacle to the party.
  • The water could be superheated, making for some serious problems if a party member falls in.
  • These could be acid pools.
  • The mists could roll across the map, obscuring the view for certain players and monsters randomly.
  • Water could erupt from a pool once in a while making for a fun time for all.
  • There are quite a few ages and types of dragons available for this map.
  • Any number of enemies could ambush the party here, hidden from view by the steam clouds and by the rocky formations.


Dragon’s blood pools

 Underdark/Acid caves 

Lava pools