Stone Bridge Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! Here is the final map of the month, another one from our Patron suggestions list. This is the ‘Fortified Bridge’ idea, with a little more ‘Fort’ thrown in 🙂 I wanted to create a bridge with a little bit of a twist, so it ended up with a guard post style mini fort/keep in its centre, hopefully it will be useful for a travel encounter or a specific location. I imagine this would work well as a border crossing between Kingdoms.

As always thanks so much for supporting me, have a wonderful week and happy adventuring! And now to the notes!

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As the wagon trundles along the dirt road you look over your shoulder, checking the cargo once again. Everything appears normal. The barrels of high quality brandy rock gently back and forth. You hope your calculations are correct, that you’ll get across the border before the spell wears off.

Ahead you see a river winding through tall grasses. The road ends at a bridge, spanning the river with three graceful stone arches. Cobbles replace the dirt road. You can see a guard post positioned at the centre of the bridged, heavily fortified and manned by at least a dozen royal guards. As you approach a guard waves you down.

“Evening sir, I’ll be needin’ to inspect your cargo”, you smile and nod casually. He walks to the back of the wagon and jumps up, tapping each barrel with the pommel of his sword. You hold your breath facing forward trying to appear relaxed. You hear him jump down and begin to sigh with relief when you hear frantic knocking from the ‘special’ barrel. The guard turns back in time to see the barrel tip off the end of the wagon, splitting open on the hard cobbles. Its contents spill across the bridge, a brandy soaked Bard gasping for breath. He blinks the brandy from his eyes and grins sheepishly up at the guard. “Pleasant evening for a drink officer”.

Notes and tips

  • 30×30 map
  • You could be trying to smuggle a person across the border. If they are discovered things can go south very quickly.
  • You are defending the bridge from a roving band of monsters. Have hordes of Goblins (or other monster types) swarm across the bridge, while your characters blast them from the ramparts.
  • You could be tasked to inspect cargo coming cross the bridge.
  • The bridge is manned by brigands, take it back for the local lord.
  • Bandits have made the bridge home and demand a ridiculous toll.
  • The bridge is controlled by an enemy’s army, infiltrate it, plant explosives, or sabotage it in any way you can!


Night time by touch light!

Day/Night bridge crossing