The Kraken’s Garden Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! Here is our latest map, The Kraken’s Garden. It’s based on our suggestions list idea ‘An underwater Lair’. I knew I wanted to go with corals for this one, something really bright and tropical (although the deep version could be used for a more temperate location). With the idea that this could be the home of some giant sea creature I went with the idea of enlarging the coral, anemones and Urchins. I think they look cool super large and those Urchins will certainly ruin someone’s day if they get to close.

I think that’s about it, thanks again for the support, have a wonderful week and happy adventuring! And now onto the map notes.

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Sunlight ripples across the steadily approaching white sand a few fathoms below your feet. The water, crystal clear, fades into an infinite turquoise void as you descend to the ocean’s bottom. The weights attached to your ankles drag you downwards, the water breathing spell keeping you alive.

You land lightly and begin to make your way across the ocean floor. You can see, looming in the blue haze ahead, an escarpment of rock and coral. The giant oversized living corals are brightly coloured and teaming with life. Fish, sea anemones and spiny urchins the size of trees occupy every crevice.

You spy the wreck resting amongst the coral forest, its skeleton protruding from the sand. You bounce slowly forward hoping its cargo is in better condition. Your contact assured you it would be there, buried just below the sand. You begin to dig, shovel slowed by the waters resistance.

A shadow blocks out the sun, you wait for it to pass and when it doesn’t you look up. Above you, gracefully gliding over the coral cliffs edge, is a huge inky black shape. Tentacles break up the silhouette of the creature. Tentacles are almost universally a bad sign you think just before the creature jets towards you, aforementioned tentacles flailing.

Notes and Tips

  • Be sure to read up on underwater combat rules and make sure to inform your players about these restrictions well before combat.
  • The party could be dropped from a boat directly above, or they may have to make their way to the location.
  • Even clear ocean water has a limited view distance, make sure to define it and remember to use it during combat.
  • Creatures and monsters can hide within the coral, allowing for a number of vectors of attack.
  • There are a few caves along the cliffs edge which can be used by both the players and monsters.
  • If a creature can produce ink to obscure the battlefield utilise it! Or have your humanoid enemies use squid ink like smoke bombs!
  • The sea urchins have very sharp spines. If a player is thrown against them it’s going to hurt!
  • Sahuagin are always a good choice for humanoid underwater encounters, however there are lots of other choices including Kuo-toa, sea hags or Merfolk.
  • Merfolk bandits could be raiding ships. The party must go below to follow them to their hideout.
  • Throw in a Chuul or two, they are challenging by themselves but can also be servants of Aboleths.
  • If someone starts to bleed have a shark or twenty appear. The longer the party sticks around the more sharks appear. 
  • Have sharks circle the party, darting in and out, then at some tipping point have them go into a feeding frenzy!
  • Salvage and treasure is always a good motivator for getting your party to jump feet first into a dangerous situation. Have them hear about sunken wrecks from local fishermen or old salty pirates.


Ship wreck deep/night

Ruins with weird floating crystal, shallows and depth versions!