Free Travel Asset Pack – Launch

Hello Adventurers! This month is the one year anniversary of me creating my Patreon. To celebrate and thank everyone that’s supported me over that time I’ve created a free asset pack, which I hope you’ll find useful when running travel encounters! 

It contains a cart, a merchants/farmers wagon and a Stagecoach with variants (Vampire Stagecoach!). You also get a range of tents, camp fires and bedrolls, as well as a few road obstacles including fallen rocks and trees. I’ve created day/night versions of them all, they should fit nicely with most of the maps in my back catalogue! I’ll continue to expand on this pack with new parts as time allows.

FREE Download on the Patron launch page! (Zip file at the bottom of the page)

I really can’t thank you all enough for the last year, its been an amazing experience!