The Longhouse Battle Map – Launch

Our next map is here! This one is The Longhouse / Guild Hall suggestion from you lovely Patrons. I went with a viking longhouse style theme for this map, I thought it could work well for encounters in the wilds with barbarians, hunters or rangers. A small village that lives in one of these halls would be a fun variant on a standard village setup.

I did some research for this map, I think the size and basic layout is fairly accurate but I’m certainly no expert. I’m sure I got something wrong, so lets just all agree this is a fictional Longhouse and not a proper viking version!

As always thank you for your support, you really are the best! Have a wonderful week and happy adventuring! And now onto the map notes.

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The hall is thick with smoke and lit by a huge fire pit running the length of the cavernous building. Rough wooden pillars disappear into darkness above, supporting the thatch roof. Sleeping pallets line the sides of the hall, covered in furs and roughly woven cloth. Along the length of the hall simple wooden tables play host to the Grey Moor hunting party, the group of wild men you recently met in the wilderness. They seem friendly, if not a little strange in their ways. Your wizard companion looks at you dubiously totally out of her element.

A cacophony of sounds fill the air, laughter, singing and boisterous shouting make for a lively atmosphere. A huge wild boar roasts over the fire, pots of broth and root vegetables bubble away, sending an earthy aroma into the already thick air. A huge metal tankard is thrust into your hand, it contains a strong aromatic mead. “Drink! Drink friend!” shouts the thickly bearded man seated to your right, he lifts his own tankard and drains the contents in one. These hunters seem to like their mead, you imagine there is little else to do out here once night draws in.

From outside you hear a long ragged howl above the raucous shouts and singing. You look around in alarm, but no one else seems to have noticed. You glance to your right and realise your bearded friend is staring at you, eyes no longer clouded with alcohol. “She rises…“ he growls at you, grinning widely. You notice a gleam of yellow in his eyes, more than simple firelight. Looking around you notice a change in atmosphere, the sounds of revelry are louder, frantic and somehow more savage. One of the revelers collapses to the floor shaking violently. You look back at your bearded friend, he grins, showing distinctly sharper teeth than before, a low guttural growl begins to emit from his throat.

Your wizard companion leans towards you and shouts into your ear over the howling and barking. “I think these guys might be werewolves.” “Really? What gave it away?” you shout back with as much sarcasm as you can muster.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×20 Grid size
  • Large creatures can enter the hall from the three entrances. You can use doors to bar the entrances but these can be broken down.
  • The fire pit can be jumped with a dex roll.
  • The pillars can be used as half cover.
  • The storeroom could hold prisoners the party needs to rescue.
  • Try a From Dusk till Dawn scenario. Have the party spend a night in the hall with a group of hunters or rangers. Once the moon comes up things go very badly.
  • This could be a Ranger or Fighter’s Guild hall.
  • Have the party find this hall deserted, once they are inside the owners return.
  • The smell of cooking has attracted some wild beast and the villagers request the party remove it.
  • The hall master begs you for help, each night a monster enters his hall and attacks his people, Beowulf style!
  • A group of old warriors rest here, each one must die in battle to reach their afterlife, will the party willingly fight one to the death?
  • This could be the home of some Herne the hunter type forest spirit. They could test the party before sending them on a quest.

Variant maps

Day/night variants, with and without a Throne

No fire – for when no ones home

A Feywilds version! – I like the idea the fire is keeping the weirdness at bay.

Snow version – Added in update v.02

Royal Museum Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! The first of our new map ideas is finally here, it took a little longer than expected but hopefully it was worth it. I was inspired by a few places I’ve visit over the years, the British Museum in London and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford being two of the biggest inspirations. I wanted to keep the play area fairly open to allow for more tactical positioning in combat while also trying to create an interior that felt suitably full of artefacts.

Finally welcome to my new Patrons, you know who you are 🙂 And as always thanks to every one of you for your support, it really does mean a lot and keeps me motivated to create new maps for you wonderful people. Have a great weekend and happy adventuring! And now onto the map notes!

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The streets are busy, all manner of people hurry along the grubby cobbles on one errand or another, from high born ladies to low born street urchins. A scruffy looking youth dressed in an ill fitting suit rushes up to your wizard companion. He waves a flyer in her face and starts to reel off an obviously rehearsed patter. She shoos him away with some irritation but not before he thrusts a flyer into her hands, she pauses momentarily to read it before handing the crumpled piece of paper to you. The flyer reads as follows:

“New exhibit unveiled today! See the statue that inspired a thousand sacrifices. The tools of BLOODY SLAUGHTER! The manuscripts of summoning and the blood stone that made it all happen! Be the first to hear the infamous tale of the Arcarnon cult, and their Arch Lord of the Nether Planes. Come for the drama! Stay for the history!

Visit the Royal Museum today, entrance fee 50% OFF with this flyer!!!”

You look up at the old stone building before you, columns flank the entrance, a brightly polished bronze sign proclaims it to be ‘The Royal Museum’. Leaded windows, caked with dust and yellowed from lamp smoke reveal nothing of the interior except a dim red light that flickers ominously. You cross your fingers hoping it’s part of the exhibit, a shrill scream and echoing demonic chanting emanating from inside dashes those hopes.

Notes and tips

  • 30×30 Grid map
  • The museum is split into three areas: The centre is anthropological, left is arcane and right is natural history.
  • Other than the main entrance you can enter the building by the sky lights, windows or through the two staircases at the rear.
  • The Museum employees are reporting ghosts in the museum at night, the party is hired to deal with them.
  • The Museum is worried it is going to get burgled and employs the party as night watchmen.
  • At night the museum curator is trying to summon something terrible.
  • The museums artifacts are coming to life:
    • Have the beetle flap its wings and create powerful winds.
    • The dragon skull could unleash a breath weapon.
    • Any one of the magical artifacts on display could activate when the party gets too close with any number of weird effects.
    • Swarms of insects could attack from the insect collection.
    • The manuscripts could glow and when they are examined could force the viewer to read them aloud.


Museum night/candle lit


Library night/candle lit

Snail Village Battle Map – Launch

I’ve finally finished off our latest map, it took a little longer than expected but hopefully it was worth it. This one is the final idea from our old map list, a giant snail shell. I wanted to create something a little different and decided on making a small village with a giant snail shell at it centre. I think it could be used as a humanoid settlement in a swamp, on the edge of a lake or the coast. It should work for kobolds, goblins, a few aquatic races or just some weird cult. I imagine encounters based around attack or defence would work equally well, saving the villagers from some external threat or fighting your way in for some reason.

As always thank you so much for your support, have a wonderful rest of the weekend and happy adventuring! Now lets get to the notes.

Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon


Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon


The swamp is never quiet, it could even be described as oppressively noisy. Frogs croak incessantly, from low booms to high pitched squeaks. A multitude of flying, and often biting insects create a droning that fills the humid air. Water collects and drips from every surface, nothing is ever truly dry here. A low white mist begins to form above the murky water.

You glance down at your unlikely ally, the small lizard man leans against the giant snail shell that makes the centerpiece of his strange shabby little village. He looks up at you and offers a dirty cloth bag, inside you see something wet and glistening. You politely decline. The kobold shrugs, picks out a fat pale grey grub and pops it into his mouth, chewing noisily.

The evening progresses slowly, you watch the swamp, waiting for the inevitable attack. They have come every night for a week, at least according to the wizened old shaman. As you watch, you sense a change in the swamp. It’s as if the background noise changes pitch, dropping half a tone to a minor key. Out in the mist and darkness, beyond the torch light, you hear the sloshing of many legs wading through knee deep water. A gravely laugh drifts to your ears. Your little friend jumps up and bangs his spear on the snail shell’s exterior, a warning signal to the other watchmen.

Shadows begin to appear in the glowing mist, they are large and bulky, outlined in armour. As you continue to watch, more shadows appear, more than you were led to believe, far more. You curse under your breath, it turns out kobolds can’t count past three. Your small innumerate friend looks up at you expectantly, a mixture of fear and hope in his beady green eyes. Who could say no to a face like that?

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 Grid
  • This map can be used as a swamp, coastal or river area.
  • I like the idea of a village defence. Make the villagers weird! Kobolds are awesome little creatures that can be fun to use as NPCs. Give the ‘clan’ a few quirks.
  • This could be a fishing village or it could be somehow connected with the snail shell itself, maybe they herd snails!
  • Have ranged enemies on the upper shell, they will be harder to reach.
  • There are multiple directions to attack the village.
  • The water can be as shallow or deep as you like!
  • Crocodiles and other swamp creatures can lurk in the water. Maybe the villagers have guard crocs!
  • The wood could be slippery! Roll some dice!
  • Reinforcements could come from the interior, remember there is more than one entrance.
  • The village could be the home of some secret power. All the villagers are unnaturally healthy. If they are kobolds or some other normally ‘evil’ race maybe the influence has changed them somehow for the better, or worse!



Blood Cult (with weird heart like lump of meat in the centre)

Tropical versions (a few trees and a brighter colour pallet!)