The Green Bastion Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! The Green Bastion map is here! This is quite a big one and I hope useful for DMs looking to run an encounter in a ruined keep, city or outpost swallowed by the forest. For those with access to the variants there are also coastal, grassland and desert locations. I like to imagine a green dragon perched on the gatehouse looking down on a group of unfortunate players before things go very badly 😉

I think that’s about it for this launch, thank you all for your support and as always happy adventuring!

Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon


You pound along the overgrown path, jumping fallen logs and splashing through puddles of fetid mosquito infested water. Behind you the creature roars again, hidden by the greenery you can’t tell the exact position of your foe, but it’s getting closer, and it’s very angry!

Ahead sunlight punches through the canopy indicating a thinning of the trees. The path rises slowly up an incline, cobbles peek out of the mud and vines underfoot. And then ahead you see it, a wall, crumbling and ancient but still standing. It appears to be the entrance to a long abandoned keep, walls still intact but gate smashed and hanging from its hinges.

You rush through the gateway. Now high enough to see across the canopy you glance back and watch trees being violently pushed aside, the sound of splitting wood and an ominous low-pitched thudding can be heard as something huge stomps towards the keep.

The inner courtyard is largely open, ruined buildings further back could make for useful cover. You look to your companions, silently agreeing this will be where you stand and fight. Now all there is to do is wait and see what climbs over the wall. Another roar splits the air, this time right outside the walls. Silence for a moment and then it appears. In one great leap it crests the wall lands amongst your party. It’s teeth are bigger than you imagined.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 grid map
  • This could be used for tropical or temperate forest locations.
  • Have the party seek shelter here from a dangerous forest creature.
  • The players can use the ruined buildings for cover. The buildings can have roofs or not.
  • The boulders could be used by very large creatures as throwing weapons. Maybe they are the ones that destroyed the keep in the first place.
  • Giants, Trolls, Ents, or any other giant creature would work well on this map.
  • A tribe of monsters could be using this place as a temporary shelter, the party walks in on them. Throw in some tents and campfires from my free travel encounter pack.
  • This would be a great place to fight a dragon, there is adequate space and cover for those players that don’t like being incinerated, frozen or generally ‘upchucked’ on.
  • A garrison of soldiers is trying to take the keep back, your party is along for the ride, things attack and climb the walls!


Desert day/night

Coastal day/night

Grassland day/night – for a bit of extra place to drop more mobs to kill your party.