The Casino Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! For my final map of the month I went with the fantasy casino patron suggestion. I wanted a kind of gambling hall style layout and I decided early on to have some slot machines and neon to get the feel of a colourful and noisy environment. I imagine the slots and neon are powered through magic, those gnomes are ingenious when it comes to this kind of thing. I also think it would be fun to have this as a very new phenomenon with as yet no regulation, meaning the proprietor could be using any number of dirty tricks, so many magical possibilities, to cheat money from their customers.

Thanks to you all for making this map possible and for all your support! Have a wonderful weekend, and as always happy adventuring!

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The casino is brightly lit, furnished in polished wood and bronze fittings, gambling tables cover the ground floor. Well dressed patrons mingle among the tables and sit at a bar built along one wall. Glowing colourful signs hang from the walls promoting games, drinks and special offers. Once in a while they change, flowing like snakes of pure light into new messages. An entire room is filled with boxes covered in blinking lights and buttons, bells continuously chime in a hypnotic mix of light and sound. People sit in front of many of them, pressing buttons and pulling levers, intermittently feeding the contraptions with coin.

Your companion, the Bard, hasn’t lost all night. His run of luck is uncanny to a point of absurdity, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Orc bouncers in tight fitting suits scowl from their posts on either side of the lavishly decorated front entrance. The dealer at your table adjusts his collar, sweat beading on his brow. Once in a while he glances up nervously at the balcony above.

A small crowd has gathered to watch your game, you’ve been noticed, the plan is working almost too well. From behind you a large hand slowly but firmly engulfs the Bard’s shoulder. The Bard turns slowly, you are amazed he can look so innocent after cheating so outrageously all night.

“Da boss invite you to play at ‘is table” the huge orc growls at you. He points towards the stairs and upper floor. You and the Bard are escorted to an upper balcony area, red carpets cover the floor, a few more gambling tables are situated up here along with some private booths, all are conspicuously empty. You are led to a gambling table, with only one occupant, a small gnome, fingers covered in rings and wearing an exquisitely fitted suit that exudes style.

“My friends! ‘Luck’ has truly been with you this night, come sit and let me try to win back some of my coin” he says gesturing to the seats opposite. As you sit down a number of large, dangerous looking men silently move to surround your table. The gnome clicks his fingers and with an audible pop you look around to see the balcony area has been sealed off with some kind of magical barrier. “Isn’t that better? Now we can play in peace without interruption” the gnome grins wickedly. The Bard glances at you with a panicked expression. This wasn’t part of the plan.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 Grid
  • The ‘upper floor’ sits above the Slot Machine room, make sure your players understand the map layout at the start of the encounter.
  • Many of the items in this place are magical or powered by magic.
  • The ‘pool’ tables are magical, each ball has a different magical effect on them, these could be utilized in combat.
  • The slots and neon signs are powered by some kind of power crystal. Maybe the crystal is unique to a specific mine and the magic within it has been tainted with some ancient evil.
  • The signs can come to life and attack or grapple, use the stats for a large snake and add some kind of lightning attack.
  • Money could be exchanged for chips at the gaming tables and then locked in magical chests under the tables. They could be removed at the end of the night.
  • The balcony or booths could have magical privacy barriers around them which can be switched on and off. Maybe have a hostage in one of these booths, the owner is the only one with a key to open it.


Night version

Light out version

Boxing ring version – For those times when a bit of fisticuffs is more the order of the day