The Last Flight Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! Another map launch is here, this time it’s The UFO Crash Site, renamed The Last Flight. I’ve always loved the idea of sky ships in fantasy settings. Airships and Spelljammers are awesome to add into a campaign to open up the possibilities for your setting, at least in my opinion. This map could be used as a one off adventure as a piece of weird arcane technology fallen from the sky, or it could be used as a way to introduce air/space/sphere travel into your setting. Either way I hope you enjoy this Spelljammer inspired UFO!

As always thanks for your continued support, you really do make these maps happen! Have a wonderful weekend and happy adventuring! Now onto the notes!

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Ships log: Day 1
We have captured the sky ship! I say captured, it would be better described as salvaged. We found her adrift off the coast and boarded her without incident. The ship was deserted but for a lone survivor locked in a cage deep within the hold. He was mad with thirst and delirious, raving about voices in his head. We took him above deck and gave him a little bread and water. The hold contains boxes of equipment and a number of large cages. All the cages are unoccupied, except the one at the bow which contains a huge glass cylinder opaque with slowly moving purple gases, arcane symbols cover the floor around it. Something of this nature must be worth a fortune to the right person! Our captain has assigned ten of our crew, including myself, to sail her home.

Ships log: Day 2
We have yet to find a way to make the ship fly, but she sails well. The crew are in good spirits although some have had trouble sleeping in the hold. They complain of bad dreams.

Ships log: Day 4
We have lost a man overboard. He was on watch and when a crewman came to relieve him he was gone. I can only assume he somehow fell overboard and his cries for help went unheeded.

Ships log: Day 6
The men continue to complain about bad dreams, of tentacles and smothering. I have yet to have any trouble in this regard, my dreams have been peaceful, almost comforting in nature, as if the ship is lulling me to sleep each night. Another man has gone missing. The men will no longer take watch alone or sleep below decks.

Ships log: Day 7
The ship is speaking to me! It whispers in my dreams such wonderful secrets! The men are belligerent, they want to abandon the ship. I have cut the skiff free, the ship needs them, she must have crew!

Ships log: Day 10
The crew are converted, they realise now what must be done, the sacrifice that must be made by each of them. Soon we will take flight and return in triumph.

Hints and Tips

  • 30×40 map grid (Including interiors)
  • This could be a Mary Celeste style encounter. The ship seems abandoned but maybe has something lurking below decks.
  • The ships brain wants a new crew and it will stop at nothing to get one. It will create illusions of any number of monsters and horrors to slowly break down the parties mental defences.
  • Have the cages full of weird creatures from ‘off world’. Their cages could have been weakened in the crash and they can now break out at just the wrong moment for the party. Or have an ‘alien’ creature attack some locals as an introduction to the encounter.
  • Have a ship’s log in the captain’s cabin with some creepy log entries.
  • This could be an experimental ship full of Mindflayers. The ship wants to be free and has crashed in an attempt to rid itself of them. The Mindflayers are injured and the ship is blocking their psionic powers, making it an easier encounter for lower level parties.
  • Have a few surviving ‘aliens’ attack the party before they enter, then use the interiors as a continuation of the encounter. 
  • Have a group of ‘aliens’ attack a local homestead! This could lead the party to find the crashed ship.
  • The ship could be crewed by pirates, or some kind of military force. It doesn’t have to be illithids.


Night variants for grassland and desert!

A desert variant so you can really get into the Roswell UFO style vibe!

A skying or sailing version!