Jungle Wilderness Pack – Launch (Free to Patrons)

Hello Adventurers! I’ve been busy this week getting the Jungle Wilderness Pack ready to launch. This one is completely free to patrons as a major thank you for supporting me on my map making journey. I couldn’t do this without you all, thanks from the bottom of my DnD loving nerdy heart!

I’ve put together three maps in this Pack, a simple Jungle Path, a River Crossing and an ancient Ziggurat/Alter/Shrine. Hopefully they will help with the more tropical locations you travel to in your adventures.

Thanks again for your support, have a wonderful weekend and as always happy adventuring!

All maps come in day/night variants. The  Ziggurat also has a touch lit version.

Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon

A quick tip for the Ziggurat. The top of the stairs could be an entrance to the inside, or simply the way to the top platform, DMs choice.