Man of War Battle Map – Launch

Hello adventurers! The Man of War map is here! This was interesting to work on and turned out to be a fairly big release. There are four levels to the map, the upper decks, upper decks interior, gun deck and the cargo hold. I think I got the essence of a ship of this type about right, it’s a fairly big ship with a good amount of space for combat. Just as a side note, I imagine the sailors normally sleep in hammocks on the gun deck, I decided not to add them into the map as it looked a bit confusing visually, so in your description mention hammocks hanging from the gun decks ceiling.

I’ll be straight onto the City Streets map this week with an eye on getting that out next weekend. Thank you for your support, have a great week and as always happy adventuring!

Free versions


The lookout calls from above, pointing to aft. You run to the ship’s stern and look across the deep blue green ocean waves. Out below the rolling water you see a dark shadow, it seems to be keeping pace with the ship, leaving a wake in the water behind it. Whatever is under the water is huge and moving at speed.

The captain frantically shouts orders to the crew, men run up and down the rigging, sails are unfurled and within moments you feel the ship surge forward, spray leaping across her bow as she cuts through the waves. After several minutes you hear the captain curse. “Its gaining on us gods damn it’s dark heart! Arm the men!” he shouts to the first mate. As you watch the shadow slowly closes the distance and vanishes below the stern of the ship. With a mighty crash the ship jolts from the impact of something massive. You are thrown off your feet, while those in the rigging cling on for dear life. As you regain your footing you hear a strange sound, guttural yet high pitched emanating from the water around the ship. You run to the side and look down. 

Below you, crawling up the sides of the ship are strange humanoid creatures, green and scaly with webbed hands and feet, claws digging into the wood of the ships hull. You shout a warning and look to the captain just as a huge black tentacle whips up above the stern of the ship, wraps itself around the man and drags him overboard. You back away from the railings and draw your weapon, the creatures strange cries get louder as you wait for them to crest the railing and swarm the deck.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×45 grid.
  • The map contains 4 levels: The Upper and Main deck. The Gun Deck and the Hold.
  • The sailors sleep on the gun deck in hammocks. The officers and captain sleep in the upper deck officer’s quarters.
  • The officers could have bunks, allowing for four or even six places.
  • The sickbay is at the stern on the gun deck.
  • The ship could be invaded by sea monsters such as Sahuagin, Kuo-toa, Merfolk, Merrow or Chuul.
  • Monsters could get onboard through the lower decks by way of the gun ports, or even through a breach in the hull of the ship.
  • The ship is carrying something weird and evil below decks which gets loose and starts making its way to the upper decks.
  • Use the lower decks as an interesting meeting place for a clandestine port encounter.
  • Have a roc or Harpies attack the ship while at sea, flying creatures can attack the sails or pick hapless sailors off the deck and throw them into the sea.

Upper Decks, officers and captains’ quarters

Gun Deck

Cargo Hold


Cutouts for all the decks (can be placed on any background)

A full set of sky ship maps (inspired by sky ships from the Critroll Tal’dorei setting!)