Market Street Battle Map – Launch

Free version – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30×30 grid map

Notes and tips:

  • You could split this map in two, using the streets at the top as a smaller street battle map and the bottom half as a market place battle map.
  • NPCs can run out of buildings to enter combat.
  • Some of the stalls are rather nondescript, so you can add in your own story based merchants.
  • The grey/blue tiled buildings towards to top left could be a tavern with small stables in the back.
  • The connection between the two large market square buildings has an arch under it leading to the rear of the building and the street beyond. This could be blocked by a door that opens during the encounter to reveal more combatants.
  • Place doors to buildings to help with your particular scenario.

The Circle Battle Map – Launch

Free version – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30×30 grid map

Free Variants

  • Stone Circle
  • Stone Circle with tentacle horror

Patron Exclusive Variants:

  • Night, Torches 
  • Altar
  • Altar, Night, Torches
  • Night, Torches, Tentacle horror

Notes and Tips

  • Switch out the versions. If you are using this map on a VTT you could have the standard version on top and the tentacle version underneath and at some point in the fight, switch them around (To Back in Roll20).
  • Players don’t need to be trying to stop a ritual, they could be protecting someone performing a ritual while waves of enemies attack.
  • The path to the left could lead into a dark forest or a windswept moor, DM’s choice.
  • The centre of the portal could (should) spew monsters.
  • The edges of the portal could be difficult terrain and the smaller tentacles could try to grapple the players if they enter it.
  • The tentacles could be holding open the portal, only once the players have done enough damage to them can they close the portal.
  • Glowing doorways open on the sides of each stone within the circle, the enemies jump into them and can appear at any other stone in the circle instantly without taking opportunity attacks. If a player tries to do the same thing they make a wisdom saving throw. If they succeed the doorways work as they do for the enemies. If not they randomly appear at a door and have some kind of penalty, say blindness for a round due to glimpsing something mortals should never see.
  • Horrific effects! Each round, due their proximity to the horror, the players could have a small chance of getting some minor psychic disadvantage: 
    • Blurry vision
    • Black and white sight
    • Auditory hallucinations
  • It could get more physical:
    • A player character’s hand grows suckers
    • Their skin begins to change colour or texture to match their surroundings
    • They randomly start speaking in abyssal

How permanent these effects are is really up to how evil you are feeling. Oh the possibilities, get creative! Have fun with the map and happy early Halloween!

The Hay Maker Battle Map – Launch

Free version – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30×30 grid map


Its reached by way of a secret entrance in a cellar. The main hall is dark, smokey and full of noise. Around the walls are hay bales, stacked up to make rudimentary seating. In the centre of the hall is a fighting ring surrounded by a crowd of people that seem mostly drunk, are extremely loud and certainly seem inclined to violence.

Two corridors, to the left and right, lead to locker rooms and a few private gambling rooms. 

The upper walkway is reserved for members and those willing to pay to escape the crowded hay covered ground floor.

There are a few dangerous looking bouncers watching the hall from the walkway, once in a while a bookie will beckon one of them over and hand them a bag of gold, to be delivered to the counting room on the upper floor.


  • Boxing Ring (Base map)
  • Empty (for when its closed and your party wants to steal stuff)
  • Cage Fight (because metal and spikes always add to the awesome)

Notes and Tips

  • Note the counting room and its safe, lots of gold to be had there.
  • The entrance has a cloak room and a guard that asks for any weapons the players may have on them, or not, DMs choice. Maybe members get to keep their weapons, or bribery is always an option.
  • The cage could drop out of the roof only once the party has signed an official fighting contract (small print, am I right?). Also, spike, use them!

I’m really happy with this weeks map and its variants, hope you get some use from them! I want to hear all about your cage matches and epic 12 round slug-fests!

Half Pint Tavern Battle Map – Launch

Free version – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30x30 grid map

Lets be fair, taverns are a main stay of starting adventures, and a good place for adventurers to stop for the night and take the weight off their tired feet. As much as its fun to have a bar brawl, there are lots of scenarios that can play out in and around a tavern.


This is the Half Pint Tavern, a small roadside tavern nestled amongst wooded hills. Its an old stone and thatched halfling owned establishment with a horse paddock to the side. The cosy interior is always warm in winter and cool in the summer. The beer is rich and floral, the pies renowned throughout the region.

Notes and Tips

  • The horses are spooked by things moving through the trees. Pick something fun to jump out of the forest when the Inn Keeper asks the players to check it out.
  • The Barmaid runs into the bar screaming about something in the cellar. As the players ask for information the floorboards explode upwards, a huge Bulette appears… they do love halfling flesh after all. Seriously this could make for a great Tremors style adventure.
  • The Tavern has been plagued by undead wandering down from the Barrows on the hills to the north. Once night sets in the party is tasked with patrolling the perimeter.
  • A dishevelled halfling woman runs up to you on the road. Her Tavern has been taken over by bandits and if you want a nice pint of ale and a warm bed its up to you to liberate the beer!
  •  Classic bar brawl! Pick fun patrons to go at it! 

Oasis Battle Map – Launch

Free version – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 20×20 grid map


  • Day
  • Night
  • Sandstorm
  • Dunes

Notes and Tips

  • Water Elementals are a great choice for when your party is dying of thirst, but the water just doesn’t want to be drunk!
  • Rumours of a bandit cash hidden below the waters of a distant Oasis. Shame the bandits turn up while the party is up to their necks in (hot) water.
  • While camping at the Oasis a rock slide reveals an ancient looking stone statue. When the party investigate they find the Stone Golem is a little grumpy after being buried for 2000 years.
  • OK, hear me out… An aquifer bubbles up here. At the bottom of the pool is an entrance to a partially flooded cave system full of Sahuaghin!
  • And of cause, its a water source in the middle of the desert, so feel free to throw any number of giant desert critter at your party.

Happy desert adventuring, you brave sun burnt souls!