City Streets Battle Map – Launch

Hello adventurers! This week’s map is called City Streets. I wanted to create an urban map which could help out with general street encounters. Sometimes you just need a street or back alley for a quick encounter… so hopefully this will do. I cut the map up into three different smaller maps, or you can go with the full 30×30 version if you need something a bit bigger.

I’m looking at creating an Underground Lake map next, it should be full of stalactites and stalagmites, I’m thinking there will be a small island in the middle for something fun to appear on. It’s possible I can get it done for Friday (end of the month) but likely it will turn up early next week instead.

Welcome to the new Patrons, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all for your continued support, have a wonderful week and as always happy adventuring!

Free version


All manner of people pass by as you make your way along the packed street. The evening is setting in, stallholders are packing away their wares, street hustlers are moving from person to person trying to find their next mark, while urchins dart in and out of the crowd. You slowly scan the throng of people, trying to pick out any suspicious activity. Your client walks at the centre of your companions, glancing at him you notice a bead of sweat run down his neck.

The city guard assigned to escort your client to the safe house wasn’t pleased you insisted on coming along but your client refused to leave without you. Now you glance back and find to your horror the four guards to your rear have vanished, the guards in front have pulled ahead and as you watch they peel off into the crowd and vanish. You swear under your breath, city guards can always be trusted to take a bribe.

Your companions don’t need to be alerted to the deteriorating situation, they have already closed ranks around your client and drawn their weapons. Ahead the crowd parts to reveal a group of very large armed men standing in the middle of the street. To your left and right more thugs materialise from alleyways and shop entrances. You look back up the street to find your escape blocked by a giant of a man, grinning while pounding a huge cudgel into his palm. “Good evening” he growls. “The Broker sends his regards”.

Notes and tips

  • 30×30 grid map (individual street maps vary, see file names for grid size).
  • City encounters can be hugely diverse, try thinking out of the box.
  • A group of hunters have captured a griffin and are taking it to the arena. If the party doesn’t want to free it, maybe it escapes and starts attacking the hunters or civilians.
  • You meet a drunken band of adventurers that seem to have a vendetta against the party, they want to fight!
  • Someone is being beaten up in an alleyway, what does the party do about it?
  • Two gangs are having a fight and the party walks in on it, it could be something really fun like a scene from Big Trouble in Little China.
  • Things can appear from the sewers, for example, your party hears melodic flute music shortly followed by rats swarming out of the sewer grates or after heavy rain slimes start to ooze from the sewers.
  • A circus is in town and during the parade, an animal goes berserk.


Three single street maps for those times you just need a street

Night dark and lit versions

And a ruined/raided version for those times there is something going down in the city and you need some chaos in the streets!