Moon Cove Battle Map – Launch

Our last map for March is a wild and rugged coastal theme with a classic cove and sandy beach, backed by a windswept cliff. Its inspired by some of the places I’ve visited along the south coast of England. Hopefully this will work for adventures along the Sword Coast and more exotic regions as well.

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The old druid told you to be there for sunset, and to ‘beware the cliffs’, but more than that she would not say. You stand on a lonely sandy beach, nestled in a crescent shaped cove, sheltered from the worst of the weather by high rocky cliffs. Looking far out to sea, you watch as a pale full moon crests the horizon, a ghostly silver coin in the evenings fading light.

You begin to hear muffled chirping, and then below your feet the sand begins to churn. You jump back just as a stubby beak and scaly head emerges from the sand. Its large eyes blink open and as you watch a large turtle, maybe five feet across drags itself from the sands. Looking into the hole it crawled from, you see broken egg shells, and below more eggs, some of which are already showing signs of hatching.

The newly hatched turtle begins to pull itself towards the water. Its at this point you here a another sound, a series of clicks like claws on stone. Looking up you scan the cliffs and step back in shock as you see a number of huge creatures perched around the cliffs edge, their predatory eyes shining coldly. With a singular movement they unfurl huge dark wings and drop from the cliffs towards you and the defenceless newborns.

Notes and Tips

  • The water could be quite shallow in the cove, allowing for a larger combat area.
  • Sharks and other sea creatures could attack in the shallows.
  • There is a route down to the beach on the right, but players can climb the cliffs if necessary with an Athletics check.
  • Utilise the clifftops and the difference in elevation to allow for more tactical play.
  • This could be just off a coastal road.
  • Island turtle nesting grounds! This is a nesting ground for huge island turtles. They hatch at sunset and have to make a run for the open ocean before being picked off by predators which could be Wyrms, Manticores or Giant Vultures. In the sea you could have Giant Crocodiles or maybe a shark or two.
  • You have been tasked to catch some smugglers by a local town.
  • Someone has been luring ships onto the reef with a light on the cliffs at night. Investigate!
  • A raiding band of orcs has landed in the cove hoping to avoid the attention of the nearby village. However they have been spied by the locals and you have been sent to defend against them.
  • A ship has wrecked just off the shore leaving flotsam and sailors washed up along the beach. Scavengers have arrived to pick at the dead. Drive them off!
  • Merfolk or other water based humanoids could have been raiding and sinking ships off the coast.
  • Buried treasure! Pirates! A fight for the booty!

And I think that’s about it for this release! Have a great week and happy adventuring!


Deserted cove, Day/Night

Ship Wreck

Ghostly Wreck!

Smugglers at night

Updated! Ship versions!

The Grand Theatre Battle Map – Launch

This week’s map is another suggestion from our patron suggestion list, I’ve call it The Grand Theatre, but of course it could be used as an opera house, or some kind of private club or venue. I took a look around the web and couldn’t find any high quality theatre maps, so I think this will be a fun and quite unique location for an encounter or two. I’m also playing through Dragon Heist at the moment and I believe a Theatre map would really be useful for anyone starting that campaign.

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As always thanks for your support, you’re awesome!


The theatre’s grand opening is the talk of the town, everyone of note is here, local nobility, politicians, merchants and trades people. It’s unfortunate such a splendid event should be marred by tragedy. The deaths during its renovation were unfortunate to be sure, but more worrying are the numerous ‘accidents’ which have befallen the cast and crew. That is in fact why you, a lowly adventuring group have managed to acquire tickets. Your new employer Lord Feathermoor is worried about another incident, especially with so many of his peers in attendance. You have been hired to mingle among the guests and watch for anything untoward. Standing at the back of the auditorium you wait for the performance to begin, you’ve seen the cast in rehearsals, they are actually rather good.

Mostly seated now the audience murmurs in anticipation. The lights begin to dim, a simple enchantment to the buildings crystal globe lamps. Then without warning the lights wink out completely. In the dark you hear surprised gasps and the odd cry. You hear someone walking across the floorboards of the stage and then another sound, a laugh, starting low and slowly raising in pitch and volume. As it reaches a mad crescendo the lights blaze on to reveal a hooded figure, arms held to the heavens laughing maniacally. From experience you are expecting a monologue, and unfortunately for you and the audience you are not disappointed.

Notes and Tips

30×30 grid map

  • There are three levels to this map, the auditorium floor, the stage itself and the boxes and balconies. Each area can be reached by multiple routes. Make sure to use these for surprise reinforcements if needed.
  • Moving along the pews is full movement, moving towards or away from the stage is difficult terrain as you are climbing over them.
  • It’s a bit cliched but having a phantom sabotage the performance seems like a fun scenario.
  • An explorer has returned from some distant land bringing with him a marvelous and dangerous creature from the deepest wilds! The cage he is displaying the creature in is totally secure and will definitely not break as he taunts it.
  • You are invited to a masquerade party with entertainment. Is everyone there evil? Are they doing and saying weird and unsettling things? Sure why not.
  • One of the boxes is haunted and your players need to do a bit of ghostbusting. You could incorporate a worried manager and lots of destruction!
  • Cultists have taken some theatregoers hostage and it’s your 
  • players job to extract them.
  • A black market auction takes place here, only the very worst people are invited, which includes your party.

Variant maps


Stage lit

Summoning circle

The Breakwater Battle Map – Launch

Our first map in March is a port/harbour. I took a look around and couldn’t find any port maps with harbour walls and breakwaters in them so thought I’d give that a go. I remember going on holiday to Cornwall as a child and the Cornish fishing villages would often have cute little harbours and walls around them.  So I took my inspiration from that and put this together. I’ve left enough space for a larger ship to dock here on the left, but I imagine this is used by smaller boats normally. You could use this as a small village harbour, or part of a larger harbour in a big city like Waterdeep.

Free version DOWNLOAD – Find the full version on my Patreon
  • 30×30 Battle Map


I’ve provided the small red fishing boat and the rowboat as PNG files. (Exclusive to Patrons)


Carts trundle by, filled with fresh fish, glistening in the sun. A thousand different metallic hues shimmer across the scaly cargo. A Gull cries overhead, then dives towards a cart and snatches a fish before the irate cart driver can prevent the thievery. Ahead you hear a rumble of breakers hitting the outer wall of the small harbour. The wind is brisk and as you enter the harbour’s square you see fine mist and water crest the breakwater that protects the bay from the ocean. On the water before you bob fishing boats of all sizes and shapes, some masted, some not. On the wooden gangways hard faced fisherman unload their latest catch.

You hold up the note and read:

“The cargo will arrive on the morrow in the hold of the Scarlet Rose, it must be moved at all haste to the Shinfields refectory. Do NOT open it, it must remain sealed until the warding circle is ready.”

You notice a brightly painted boat moored at the nearest gangway, a commotion is drawing the attention of those nearby. It seems the Harbour master is insisting on taking stock of the boats cargo. Rushing forward you glimpse a crowbar in an officials hand prying open a large dark wooden box. “This can’t be good” you think, just before the screaming starts.

Notes and Tips

  • The air smells of ozone, rotten seaweed baking in the sun, both fresh and old fish, as well as the underlying stank of the city in general.
  • A harbour is a busy place during the day, make sure to have seaman and merchants running this way and that during any encounter. Some may feel they can help out, poor poor fools!
  • I just love the sequence in Dracula where he arrives in England on the ghost ship, due to him eating everyone. Have an abandoned ship drift into harbour and then have something pop out when the party is asked to investigate.
  • The carcass of a huge sea monster has washed into the harbour, it turns out to be infested with parasites.
  • Smugglers get caught by the harbour master, they make a bolt for it and the party get to stop them.
  • Pirates attack! The party defend the entrance of the harbour.
  • Have the party fight their way towards a ship that is leaving, can they make it in time?

And I think that’s about it for this launch! Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy adventuring!


  • Tropical/Desert + no boat variants
  • Nighttime variants of both